Spotlight on Project Green Light

Project Green Light is a public-private partnership between the City of Detroit, the Detroit Police Department (DPD), and DataWorks Plus LLC. Project Green Light collects 24-hour surveillance footage at 700 properties throughout the city, including at least 40 residential apartment buildings. If your landlord hosts Project Green Light, your property is “virtually patrolled” on a daily basis and the video footage that is collected at your apartment is sent directly to DPD’s “real time crime center” (RTCC), which relies on racially biased facial recognition software that is more likely to misidentify Black faces than white ones. In essence, your landlord pays for “priority” treatment from DPD in exchange for providing them with surveillance footage that criminalizes Black people in their own homes.

The City of Detroit has chosen the revenue provided by Project Green Light over the human rights of Detroit renters to privacy, stability, and safe and healthy housing we all deserve. This can be seen in how the City turns a blind eye to its own laws, particularly the need for landlords to obtain Certificates of Compliance from the Building, Safety, Engineering and Environmental Department for their rental properties. Nearly all landlords that host Project Green Light do not currently have a Certificate of Compliance with City of Detroit’s Buildings, Safety Engineering and Environmental Department (BSEED), meaning that they are violating the city’s rental code. Many properties have outstanding code violations and unsafe property conditions.

To have your building or rental unit inspected for safety violations your landlord is responsible for fixing, call BSEED at (313) 224-2733. BSEED will inspect the property (for free) and tell your landlord what they are responsible for fixing, and how long they have to make the repairs before BSEED issues them with a fine.

Green Light Black Futures

Green Light Black Futures (GLBF) is a campaign to end the hyper-surveillance of Project Green Light in Detroit. GLBF wants to know your experiences and opinions around safety to help shape their campaign. Learn more about GLBF and take their community safety survey.